The Turnout boot

A dress boot that’s not afraid of the hard yards

The Craftsman boot has long held court as an icon of the R.M.Williams stable, but waiting in the wings is his equally timeless brother, complete with a comfortable wide round toe and stalwart approach. Rugged and reliable, the Turnout is a dress boot that’s not afraid to do the hard yards too, transitioning from workwear to formal dressing with an understated charm. 

The Turnout boasts many of the familiar hallmarks of a handcrafted R.M.Williams boot; elastic sides, a one-piece leather upper and branded tugs. You could even mistake it for the iconic Craftsman were it not for the boot’s wide toe, a relaxed feature that links this style to the hardy silhouettes of classic workwear boots.

‘It’s a timeless, everyday shape, there’s no doubt about that. The wide toe is a nod to European style whilst also offering a point of difference from the chisel square toe of the Craftsman,’

explains head of footwear development David Cook, adding ‘the turnout balances the refined style of the craftsman with the down-to-earth wearability of the gardener.’

Over the years it’s gained a loyal following of wearers from around the world, returning seasonally in different leather finishes and colourways. Though it’s often viewed as the craftsman’s understated brother, the turnout has stepped out of his sibling’s shadow to plant a foot firmly on the global stage. 

‘the suede edition is extremely popular through Europe and the US – it resonates with the street style crowd and offers year-round wear through the extremes of their climates. Here on home territory, we also see a lot of interest in the more rugged hides, such as crazy horse.’

The Turnout’s polished yet stalwart appeal has seen it tread from cattle stations to catwalks, offering laidback elegance in a variety of outfitting scenarios. Whether paired with classic denim or a well-cut suit, it seems to rise to each and every occasion with ease.

‘If you were to only buy one pair of RMs, the Turnout boot would be a real contender. It’s a rough-and-ready style with a refined finish, translating easily from casual to formal – a true all-rounder.’

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